3.5.2017 –

Hi Ohad,

I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me earlier this year. I came to you because I wanted to tackle numerous issues of anxiety, low self-worth, and associated lack of assertiveness and indecisiveness that I felt were actively interfering with my well-being, function, and personal and professional life.

During the course of the ten sessions we shared, you gave me strategies to identify the unhelpful patterns of emotion, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that reinforced these problems, and to deal with them. You also gave me tasks to help me practice using these strategies “out in the field”, in real life, so that they would become habitual, replacing the non-skillful, damaging habits of thought that had evolved over a lifetime.

The work with you – and it was work, challenging and invigorating work – helped me realize that I could experience challenging emotions without having my behavior dictated by them. Your guidance and insight increased my self-confidence and have given me the power to recognize that my own needs are of value. I now feel more in touch with what I really want, so spend less time second-guessing other people’s needs and more expressing my own, which makes for better interpersonal relationships and clearer communication.

Your personality and professionalism were a really important element in the therapeutic experience. I felt you really walked the walk as well as just talking the talk: you were dynamic, were not afraid to give of yourself and your own experience, you were a great listener, and you offered strategies and advice so that sessions often felt more like coaching that previous experiences of psychotherapy that I have had – I appreciated this very hands-on, practical, experiential approach. You also clearly believed in and were able to transmit an understanding of the effectiveness of the CBT methodology. All this made for an empowering and energizing experience.

I still face challenges every day, and have varying levels of success in implementing the lessons I have learned: I guess dealing with the habits of a lifetime is itself a lifelong task. However, I would say that I have achieved a certain level of self-belief that I did not have previously, and I continue to build upon this in the effort to meet life full on with the tools and additional energy I now possess. For this I am very thankful.

דר' אוהד הרשקוביץ

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