Hi Dr. Ohad,
When I got to you I was feeling helpless with my anxiety and my general approach to life. I left our first session a little skeptical about the results of the treatment…
Not because of the treatment itself, but because I doubted my ability of going through it and actually being able of improving my life. With your encouragement and all the CBT tools that you taught me, I was able to face my self-doubt head on and see my self-esteem increase with time. I am forever thankful for the new outlook on life you taught me and I’m looking forward to seeing where I can go with my newfound self-confidence — confidence which, if it wasn’t for your friendly and objective approach, would undoubtedly go undiscovered. I really can’t thank you enough for coaching me into changing my life in a way I never even fathomed I could. Thank you so, so much!

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